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Ordering instructions.

NEW!! Get a CD with all the full-rez Photo files of any player!

Having a hard time choosing which photos to purchase? How about all of them? For the first time ever, we're able to offer a CD with all of the photos of a single player for the cost of $100. This would allow you to own the digital files of all the photos, with printing and sharing privileges. The normal price for a download of a single image is $25. If your son is featured heavily in the photos this is a great option. It will give you the files to print as big and as often as you like, you can use the photos to create memory books, or other e-books. It also allows you to share the photos on your Facebook page or other social media. To take advantage of this offer, contact Roy at If you have a second or third child participating, additional players within a single family will only be $50 each. Duplicates of CDs are available for $10 each if you would like to share or give CDs to grandparents or other friends and family.

To order a personalized memorymate, please follow these steps

1. Email Roy at with the request, please include the name of the player, their jersey number, and their team. Use the spelling as you want it to appear.
2. Roy will create the MemoryMate, load it to the website and send an email notice upon completion. (24-72 hours)
3. You will then be able to order it with any other prints you want to purchase.
****To avoid paying double shipping charges, please wait until the MemoryMate is ready before ordering any other prints.****

Packages Now Available!
Upward Special (4) 4x6 prints, (1) set of 4 wallets, (2) 5x7 prints and (1) 8x10 print. Normally $52, Now $36 as a package.

Pics to Share (2) sets of 4 wallets, (4) 4x6 prints, (1) 5x7 print. Normally $39, now $27

Kitchen Sink (6) 4x6 prints, (2) sets of 4 wallets, (3) 5x7 prints and (2) 8x10 prints, 1 magnet. Normally $97, now $65

Unfortunately ordering a package can be tricky. These steps should help. Or you can watch the video at the bottom of the page to see how to order prints or packages.

1. Find a gallery with photos you're interested in purchasing.
2. Click the "select photos" button, then click the circle to mark any photos your interested in.
3. Click add to favorites, repeat these steps for other galleries.
4. After selecting all your photos, click on "my selection" in the upper left-hand side of the screen.
5. Click "Buy All", don't worry you won't have to buy everything in your selection.
6. Select "Packages", and the specific package you are interested in, click "Continue".
7. Drag images from your selections, into the various sizes of photos in the package.
8. Click "Add to Cart", then you can adjust the cropping of individual photos if you need to.
9. Repeat these steps for additional orders, or proceed to checkout.

If you have any questions about your order please contact Roy at BEFORE you place your order. Once an order has been placed it goes directly to a fulfillment lab and cannot be altered.

*Please note that MemoryMates can not be used as the 8x10 print of a package. It must be purchased separately due to the additional cost of creating the MemoryMate.

If you have any questions please contact Roy at
or by phone at (804) 240-1595

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